Sometimes we have some pretty interesting guests at our meetings.  There have been obedience classes and agility classes at the Ag. Plex hall and arena.


Scholarship Recipients 2015 - Karsten Havell & Amy Mulligan

Leader Summit 2017 held at Northlands.  JoAnn Clarke, Darlene Corriveau, Presenter Doug Griffiths (13 Ways)  & Meladine DeMerchant.

Every year the Red Willow Roping Club  has a beginner roping school and it is very well attended    

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Tracy Hanson displays her art work at the Horse Show.                                      Chris Kiepal at the Tack Swap & Home Based   Business

                                                                                                                                     Market at the Horse Show

Every Year we get resources for Farm Safety to promote and to display at the Horse Show and Fair & Rodeo

Ranch Horse competition sponsored by ARDY Rigging                    Bert Trottier - Ranch Horse Competition